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We want to make ours the main boat bed. We’ve got the usual three foam mattress pieces but thinking about a ‘topper’ that can be fitted with a bottom sheet and rolled up into the bed box so making the bed is quicker. 
Memory foam seems the obvious stuff but I don’t really like it - what do others use?

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Having used foam before, no matter how dense the retailer or manufacturer claims it to be, I've always found it rather uncomfortable for continuous use.


For comfort over practicality, I went with 3 separate custom made proper sprung mattresses. Not as expensive as it sounds and really is rather comfortable.


I say comfort over practicality as during the day the mattresses can't obviously be rolled up and pushed into the bed hole, but the bottom and middle sections have to be placed on end and stood up. It's probably a better way of doing it to be honest as it allows better air movement/circulation during the day.


If your bedding isn't too thick you manage to tuck away a duvet and a couple of pillows too.

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If you want to get the topper plus cushions, duvet, and pillows all tucked away into the bedbox when not in use then a foam topper of no more than about 1" thickness is required. Memory foam at this thickness is fine and will not have the slightly disturbing "sinking" feeling that you get with thicker stuff. Replace every few years. Finding a topper of the right dimensionsmight be difficult. We got one a while ago but last time could not find one so got a bigger one and cut it down to fit into the old cover......tedious 😀

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