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Postmark- canal advertisements?

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Came across this the other day, I imagine there maybe other varieties around. It would be interesting to see any.
It’s hard to see what the aim of the advert was - perhaps for more commerce to use the waterways? Maybe for leisure to use more or perhaps both. 
The postage being 21/2d ! 


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1 hour ago, Derek R. said:

I would have thought to promote commercial use of the Northern broad waterways.

I take it 21/2d is tuppence ha'penny - just over 1P decimal. I'd have been 15 later that year.

Yes, twopence halfpenny was the letter rate (no first and second class in those days) for what seemed like ages, I don't know how many years.

I have lost touch with how much it costs to post a letter now, as I buy my stamps in booklets and they don't have the price on them. But I think it's about 70p. So that's a seventy-fold increase - surely that's way above the rate of inflation. I wonder how the Post Office justifies this staggering rise.

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Was it on a letter from BW, I'd suspect the logo printed alongside the post mark is from an "office" franking machine operated by BW (though possibly owned and serviced by the Post Office) rather than a Postal frank, so maybe each BW office would have had their own.



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Commercial traffic was making a profit at this time, with 7.5 million tons being carried on BW's waterways. The North East was probably the main area for commercial traffic, probably accounting for around half of this tonnage. It would have been seen as worthwhile advertising on commercial letters.

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