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Strange person around Pewsey, or am I just misunderstanding local etiquette?

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On 23/06/2021 at 18:46, Arthur Marshall said:

But it isn't. No-one set out with the intention you suggest, the intention was to save money, so it was a resounding success.

In practice it has not been a money saver:


At its outset care in the community (cic) was a principled reaction to perceived deficiencies in the large institutions (primarily for mentally ill or learning disability). Too frequently, it was argued, people were trapped in them for life. In some cases their only mistake was being the child of a single mother. 


It was a second order exoexratikn that cic might be cheaper but was not long before it was discovered that it was much more expensive as care had to be delivered individually rather than wholesale. 


The result has been that the unit cost has risen sharply but not the overall budget with the inevitable arithmetic that far fewer people get support and at much lower levels.

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When I moved to Australia to work I went to a small regional service that had 34 beds plus aged care all in the grounds of a general hospital.Most work was community, our community being 600 kilometres wide by 250 deep. 


Then they built 10 more beds

then they built a mother and baby unit

then they built 10 bed community rehab beds

And  a huge community based service on a separate site.

then they planned a secure facility on that site.

now I have heard they are moving the acute and aged services off the general hospital site and purpose building acute and aged beds on the separate site.


hello folks we have just reinvented the asylum.

The locals are revolting. ( in many ways) They got ride of the asylum 30 years ago

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