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Wally the wandering walrus was photographed trying to board yachts in the sheltered bay of Porthcressa, Isles of Scilly

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Arctic Walrus tries to climb on boats , weighing as much as 1700kg it may prove a bit difficult to lift with just a couple of flippers




Wally the walrus has reappeared after lying low for several weeks and seems to be heading back to UK waters.

The wandering walrus has been spotted in the Isles of Scilly, less than 40 miles from Penzance in Cornwall.

On Thursday, the Arctic creature was pictured attempting to mount yachts off Porthcressa Beach on the southern side of St Mary's, the largest of the islands.


The Arctic creature made itself at home in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, for two months, but eventually moved on and was later spotted off the coast of Cornwall and days later off the coasts of France and Spain.

The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust and British Divers Marine Life Rescue said they were aware that Wally had made it to the isles - the first time a walrus has been recorded there.

They said: "This rare visitor is the same young male that spent a number of weeks in South Wales earlier this year, before passing through Cornwall and down to the Bay of Biscay. His last known sighting was at Bilbao, Spain, two weeks ago.


Wally the Walrus is back in the UK and has been pictured trying to board a boat - Wales Online

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13 minutes ago, Alan de Enfield said:

The wandering walrus has been spotted in the Isles of Scilly, less than 40 miles from Penzance in Cornwall.

I wonder why they thought it necessary to add this navigational nugget? (Personally, I'd have chosen 35 leagues from Ushant...)

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