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Bridgwater and Taunton trip

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Some may recall my efforts to fix an inflatable canoe, belonging to my friend Emily. Today Tango carried Lady Em and myself along the Bridgwater & Taunton Canal from the M5 viaduct at Huntworth to Bridgwater Dock and back. 


Mission accomplished, leaks fixed and an impressive inaugural voyage. I ache in places I didn't know existed...


A few photos below








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A bit more, now I don't ache quite so much!

First the canoe - Three seater Tango inflatable that Emily bought about five years ago to use with her two boys, now 12 and 14. Never been completely satisfactory due to a tendency for one or more bladder to deflate very slowly. This is now fixed and for the first time Em had a full day out without worrying about the canoe staying up. 

Second, the trip - the canal is about and hour and a quarter drive from Frome, I suggested it for a proper test cruise because (i) it's much much quieter than the Kennet and Avon and (ii) I'd never boated on the B&T before - you can't get at it from the main system and there are no hire boats on it. We were afloat for about four hours including packed lunch in Bridgwater Docks. The trip, as the pictures show, was in beautiful weather and the journey is fascinating. Most of the trip is along the 1841 extension to Bridgwater Docks, and included Albert Street Cutting, which would be well known if it were on the main system.

The wildlife was amazing and the day was completed when we paddled past a black swan towards the end of the return leg -  I've seen them occasionally but I understand they are native to Australia and the numbers here are not sufficient to sustain a native UK population. 

Emily is off for more trips with the boys - I may join her on some but my work is done - the canoe now works properly and I've had a grand day out on it. Thanks to those who helped advise on the repairs! 

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On 16/06/2021 at 15:31, MPR said:

Glad you enjoyed our beautiful canal.  Day hire boats plus canoes and paddle boards available above Maunsell Lock.


Thank you - will investigate, and sorry I hadn't seen your post before!

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