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Alde 3010 system leak

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Hello guys,  i have a problem with my Alde 3010 at the moment.   Several days ago i kept getting the water pump going off in the night!   Looked around at the taps for drips etc but couldn't see any leaks.    Then today i spotted water running into the engine room from next door where the Alde system is.


Quick inspection and water is leaking internally,  filling the unit!

Water and electrics all switched off pronto before they mix.  I have drained down the fresh water to stop any further leaking.  


Now the Alde hasnt been in use for several months,  Last used for hot water back in March with no problems.  I am a fulltime liveaboard so the boat has been heated all winter.  Never had any problems with the Alde before.  The boat/Alde  is 9 years old and the coolant for the system was replaced 4 years ago as required.


As i understand the hot water system is a stainless steel jacket around the heating compartment.  The fresh water bit is a red and blue inlet / outlet with compression fittings going to the jacket/tank


But what i cant see and think is the problem is either the tank has ruptured or the inlet/outlet behind the compression fitting inside the unit are leaking at the tank join.  corroded copper washers?


Has anyone ideas or taken an Alde apart?


I guess my next job is the drain the coolant and take the unit out of the boat and try to pressure test the fresh water system. : /




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If the stainless can has cracked, do you have an expansion/accumulator vessel on the water system?

Compression fittings onto stainless pipe is tricky, the pipe is too hard to deform slightly where the olives sit. Hopefully that is where it is leaking.

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