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Brass rim lock.

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have 3 upright right hand brass rim locks on my boat, about 4” x 2” and completely devoid of any markings at all. One has worn out and I’d like a matching replacement, but can’t find one anywhere, any ideas anyone? Boat was built by Mel Davis and fitted out by Lyons. Nearest I can find is a much smaller one from a chandlers for £201!, mad price for a plain no nonsense lock, even if it is brass.


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Yes tried Mel, he remembered my boat, but he didn’t do the fit out, it was Lyons, and they’re no longer in business I understand. Can’t use horizontals, as they fit on to a narrow section of oak.

one is rear doors and two are either side of my bathroom, what I may have to do is swap one onto the rear doors and source two for the bathroom, that way I have a spare. 

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Hi Tracy, that is pretty close, key hole and knob in wrong place unfortunately, plus I’d probably need to apply for a mortgage to buy it.

Funnily enough I had the idea of a refurbished lock myself this morning, the old one had to be drilled out, so has a bit of damage internally, but spoke to a local locksmith this morning, and I’m dropping in to him tomorrow ?.

Thanks for the suggestion.







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