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Old cine film of boats

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1 hour ago, Rob-M said:

Cadbury load from Gloucester to Bourneville.

From Sharpness to Bournville via Gloucester and Worcester.

Some lovely shots of the Severn Railway Bridge.

Severn and Canal sold out to the DIWE in 1948, so presumably the film predates that.

I'm curious though at the double trans shipment at both Sharpness and Gloucester. Surely it would have been cheaper to load directly from ship to narrow boat at Sharpness (assuming the ship was too big to get to Gloucester), or to continue by barge to Worcester and township there, rather than having a fleet of narrow boats on the river.

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It looks like the load starts at a port, be it Avonmouth or Cardiff requires careful study. The load is cocoa and that load had come in by sea going vessels. The first boat at the port takes the load to Gloucester through Sharpness and that is where it is transhipped into a narrow boat such as MB No 5.


I agree that it would be pre 1948 and possibly pre 1939. The narrow boat docks at the Cadbury's wharf at Bourneville.


It is indeed a valuable record of traffic to Cadbury

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This piece starts of at what seems to be Avonmouth, with the merchant ship EBOE unloading sacks of cocoa from the Gold Coast and then shows the load of cocoa being loaded into the hold of Severn Transport, a Severn & Canal motor boat. I mention the destruction of this craft in my Ebook Midland Carriers as being destroyed by a mine in 1941.  This puts the film as between 1934 and 1939.


It is a useful film historically and reflects the traffic to Cadbury's Waterside depot at Bourneville. Severn Transport is seen in the Bristol Channel, entering the sea lock at Sharpness and passing along the Sharpness Canal to Gloucester passing Swing Bridges and Framilode Depot of Cadbury's where there was a narrow boat, probably with a load of crumb. Severn Transport seems to take a narrow boat on tow.  At Gloucester the bags of cocoa are loaded into narrow boats including MB No 5. The narrow boats then head onto Worcester along the Severn passing other craft.  Severn Victor, a steamer hauls a train of narrow boats to Tewkesbury Upper Loade and is also show passing under the old Upton Bridge. The convoy enters the Severn Locks at Diglis and then head on to Diglis Barge Lock, Worcester & Birmingham Canal. 


The name Severn & Canal is seen on the buildings still at Diglis Basin where boats are still repaired. The Motor Boat and and a butty boat with horse then head north along the Worcester & Birmingham Canal. They pass the Worcester Porcelain works and the flour mill. They are seen again at Stoke Works  and at the bottom of the long flight of locks up to Tardebigge.


A light is fitted to pass through the three tunnels and the film ends at the Cadbury Works

The following is reproduced from Alan Faulkeners book on the SCCC






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There are several other vessels that are passed. One is Deerhurst, which seems to be the grain barge used by S Heeling of Tewksbury, which entered service in 1933 and Mayflower of Liverpool. The SCCC had a 1861 steam tug named Mayflower. which was preserved.  

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