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3 minutes ago, Quattrodave said:

Why do people 'react' to posts and what is meant by a 'greenie' ?


There are a choice of 'reactions' if you like a post then add a 'smile', if you disagree add and 'angry' etc etc.


If it just a general thankyou I think the same then add a green-up-arrow.


With the old software we didn't have all those choices it was sinply if you liked or agreed or wanted to acknowledge a post you simply clicked the 'greeny arrow'



For a really big I AGREE 100% use one of these :





Snot Greeny.jpg

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You'll occasionally see someone post to award a 'virtual greenie' to a mod, where the mod's comment is liked but mods can't be bribed with real greenies, smiles etc!


Reactions can be for anything from an amusing play on words to comprehensive technical advice.

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You will note that you have a + sign and a number (colour green) in your member details (LH side of your posts). These are the number of posts you have made that have been reacted to, and is known as 'Member Reputation'.


The number lower down (ie 99) is your total number of posts to date.

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