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Oil on Canvas by M.J. Southern

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I have acquired a rather nice oil on canvas of a canal scene by M.J. Southern and wondered if anyone had an idea of the location. I think the picture dates to the turn of the 19th to 20th century but I'm not sure. It measures 24 inches by 18 inches (frame size). I have tried to find information about the artist, with no success.

If anyone fancies it, I would be happy to sell it for £20 plus carriage!

Canal scene.jpg

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3 hours ago, Athy said:

I wonder what the tall building beyond the bridge is. It looks more modern than everything else in the view. A water tower? 


There appear to be gaps at the top - a campanile?  I agree that it probably isn't in the UK.

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  • 2 months later...

There's at least one 'punt' boat there. 

Transporting reeds / grapes perhaps?

It almost lookslike a mixture of France and Italy. 

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A bit of allsorts I would say. Fens, France, Bridge is sort of British with a dash of Venice, thatched building is Worcester / Holland, boat is maybe Loire, pollarded willow on the left is that nasty willow tree from Harry Potter and as you can tell, I have no idea at all!

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1 hour ago, Heartland said:

Is there artistic licence, taking elements of different continental scenes, I wonder.


 I'm not sure that any artist would deliberately do anything like that, though there are certainly some oddities there, for instance the dormer window right at the extreme top of the building. Also the external flu and tall chimney - it looks almost like it could be an industrial building of some kind, especially if you take the buildings in the background into account. You're going to have difficulty taking any sort of vehicle over a bridge that shape, and the boat with the person in it is a bit odd too - it seems to be floating on top of the water rather than in it.


I'd find it rather annoying on my wall, though if the site could be identified and make sense of the painting it might be OK. But I could be totally wrong, and someone will get an absolute bargain.



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