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On 02/04/2021 at 12:49, OldGoat said:

?eh? Nothing's shut down. The Cookham mooring (opposite the boatyard) has always been chargeable. It's just that a smart operator has taken the oportunity to manage it for the  council.   So succesful indeed that many other moorings have joined in - including some EA ones. The first night is generally free, but you have to register via the web.

Not what I have heard. Credit card charged despite telling them you had left which of course they deny, your word against theirs. No objection to paying but I like a user friendly system. Our council has chosen to stop taking cash for parking, you now have to use a mobile app, they patrol it with a camera car. The Phone app. Charges 15% on top of the council fee you don't get a ticket to display or get a fine attached to car, you just get a letter to your house. We are in a tourist area and I expect many of our tourists will arrive home to a nasty surprise. How the silver haired non computer savvy people will cope remains to be seen.

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