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The Paddle Gear Thread (formerly Cheshire Paddle Gear)

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17 hours ago, magpie patrick said:

Another couple of different paddles - this time from Hawkesbury 


First, one of the ground paddles at the lock.20220421_150430.jpg.b5b500b939be9b583d243ece7cf68681.jpg



Ground paddle at the other end.


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Farmers Bridge - simple and solid. I was about to describe this as typical BCN but then I remembered that I posted gear from the Tame Valley which is also BCN but is rather different. 




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Just spotted these whiolst researching a possible (in my dreams!) trip to see some canals in the USA - Swamp Locks, Lowell National Historical Park, Lowell, Mass


It appears the spiked wheel turns cogs that in turn open a rotating valve in the gate.... I've seen the valve in the gate elsewhere, but tno this method of opening them!




Lowell-033-775x436 copy.jpg

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You'd have a job sticking one of those in your belt!


I'm thinking the star wheel turns a shaft with worm gear on the end, connected to the large horizontal gear. That when turned, turns the vertical shaft and another spiral gear connected to the sluice which is thereby lifted. Complicated, and vulnerable.

Ah - no - a 'rotating' paddle, Da Vinci style.

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43 minutes ago, Pluto said:

The Conca dell' Incoranata in Milan, though they don't seem to have discovered how the paddles were operated when it was restored.

Milan 3.jpg

 In theory you could operate them by holding them closed with a pin and removing the pin - if the swivel were off centre water pressure would open them. However getting them closed again before a level made would be "interesting..."

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