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Kings Bromley Marina Entrance

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Be careful if you ever call in there. I had a pump out there recently and noticed how poorly maintained the entrance from the canal is. The edges had previously been protected by black recycled plastic batons but most of them had fallen off, leaving bolts sticking out a few inches on each side of the narrow entrance.  Thankfully I managed to avoid them but even the most experienced of boaters might not always manage to, especially if it's windy.


It wouldn't be much of a job to re-instate the batons or even just remove the protruding bolts, but I was told it had been like that for years. Like most people, I've come across this from time to time on the network, but in a private marina where people are paying high mooring fees I think it's inexcusable. 

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3 hours ago, Boatingbiker said:

You just need more practice entering/leaving the entrance Grassman  LOL


More important save money to buy new marina's




 I wouldn't like to be a moorer there.

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