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Sea toilet to vented container?

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On 24/02/2021 at 11:28, Bee said:

If you have the Vacuflush loo with a porcelain bowl and a 'ball' with pedal in the bottom of it then I wonder if you could sit it on top of a plastic tank (might need a bit of 3/4 ply and some framing to strengthen it) then a simple manual pump to transfer the contents into a (well labelled !) water carrier or something. Presumably you have an outlet in the hull for the air expelled from the vacuflush pump so you could use that as a vent pipe. Might need a lot of fiddling about to make it all work but it should be OK and the water flushing bit of the vacuflush should still work too. 


That sounds like you'd need a permanent tank which is pumped to the containers that you carry out to empty? I'm not sure I like the permanent tank below the toilet idea. In effect it's just a dump through and my experience of those is that the same volume of waste you put in is expelled in gaseous form through the path of least resistance, which is not going to be the narrow vent pipe and outside, but instead it comes straight back up through the bowl and into the boat. 

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