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Boat stolen called Ruby

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On 19/02/2021 at 01:43, Granger said:

I did receive a bill of sale, it’s been shown to the police the previous owner in his original Facebook post states a contract was signed along with this post and others and contracts bank statements etc the police have agreed I’m the owner as far as there concerned. But if the previous owner has issue with anything he’s welcome to take legal advice and start a civil matter I’ll happily prove it in court. So many people have messaged me through Facebook etc with threats of taking it back or violence it’s really made me ill, I have early onset dementia and stage 1 Parkinson’s buying the boat was a means to spend the next few years while I could doing something I love. But I’m now honestly scared to be on board it’s become a witch hunt on social media. 

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29 minutes ago, ditchcrawler said:

We are away again folks


I hope those flinging allegations around understand that posting stuff on social media doesnt excempt them from a lible action if its proven to be untrue.

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To correct an appalling spooling mistake detected by the spooling bee who rarely has anything positive to contribute.
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21 minutes ago, zenataomm said:



Aye that as well.


Thankyou to the spooling bee....


To be fair though at least you didnt try and argue I should have said slander.



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For clarity.


Slander is injury via the spoken word.


Libel is injury  via written word, published word or written media.


At least that is my understanding.

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