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Skylight hatch

Daniel Grantham

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8 minutes ago, Daniel Grantham said:

What’s a pigeon box look like

I see your boat is at Wincham Wharf. Why not ask them if they can fit one? They may also be able to help with sourcing.



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9 minutes ago, Daniel Grantham said:

I think to let more light in as it’s all port holes feels like I would be in a steel coffin as I’m making a life change I have anxiety about the change and want everything to be right if you can understand 

Yes, I can understand, it's a big move, I have half portholes, half windows, and I also painted above the gunwales white (special scrubable white as used in industry),  the deckhead is white. 

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3 minutes ago, Daniel Grantham said:

I think I want more light coming in I was thinking the same to paint white some parts but also instead of the Hudina hatch I’m thinking of opening up the side and having a side hatch but it’s down to cost 

You could also consider part glazed doors.

There is another idea for the roof, these are glass prisms, which don't open, they are about a foot or so long and eight inches wide, I Don't know if anyone has tried them on a narrowboat. 

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I have a large wooden pigeon box in the galley which can be opened in the hot weather, In the winter two sections of clear polycarbonate sheeting sit in the frame below it to make it warmer. No problems with condensation. An added bonus is the MiFi lives up in it so effectively outside the Faraday Cage for the radio signal but inside for the WiFi.

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My boat has two Houdini Hatches. They let a lot of light in and cool the boat in the summer.


Each hatch has a removable panel of what looks like fluorescent light diffuser below, which completely eliminates the condensation problem in winter.


The only downside is that they take up roof space that could have been covered in solar panels.

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