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I could really do with some advice on how to handle a specific repair and/or contact details for any fiberglass engineers in or near Stalham. I've recently purchased a Kent 26 motor-sailor that's currently dry-docked at Wayford Marine Ltd. I'm told she hasn't been out of the water in some time and as such needs a fair bit of TLC including a fresh Gelcoat, a few dings that need filling and some ominous-looking cracks on the inside of the hull. I have no experience working on boats but I've done a healthy amount of reading and am confident I can do the Gelcoat and small jobs myself, however I would ideally like the input of someone a bit more knowledgeable than myself before I start making changes and there's one particular repair that I believe is way out of my depth and will require a professional.

I'm not sure if this is part of the original build or if someone has done a repair but whatever the case the metal's pretty degraded, particularly below the waterline and as such I would assume it needs removing and replacing but have no idea how:



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Not as important but these are a few of the cracks I've found inside the hull and currently I'm thinking to sand them down and use either filler or CSM and  resin to reinforce them but again, my experience is limited to books and videos, etc so does this sound like a good idea to anyone else?


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I am no GRP expert apart from my time on the hire fleet but those cracks looks like stress cracks to me where forces transfer between the hull and bulkheads. I don't think filler is in any way suitable. If this were mine (and it would not be unless very cheap) I would remove any paint and abrade the existing GRP for at least 18 to 24 inches all around the cracks. then lay up several layers of chopped strand mat over them. Finish with a layer or two of scrim cloth.


Very happy if the real experts contradict.

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Richardsons of Stalham do repairs of all sorts, I know I used to moor there. Trouble is they get busy and will understandably always put the hire fleet first. Another excellent yard is Ludham Bridge, which does not have a significant hire fleet but does have a fine reputation.


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