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Kubota D1105

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Hi all,

I have a Kubota D1105 generator which needs a service. I'm trying to find out the correct oil filter for this.  It currently has a Crosland 2025, but not sure this is the correct one. Beta Marine supply their own,  211 60390 which is hard to cross reference as it's their own number.

Can anyone please help?

Many thanks,

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Here's 3 for starters





Or a complete service kit


Watch out for the fuel filter there is more than one.

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1 hour ago, ditchcrawler said:

Baldwins are a well known make, remember Beta dont make filters they just have them painted in their colours with their number on them, you don't have a clue who made them just like all the other engine builders

That's the worry. I heard they use Fram filters, which I don't rate

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9 hours ago, christophert said:

Thank you, not sure if any of these have the none return valve. Would prefer a known make if possible

Known makes are a minefield, often just a well known name stuck on a cheap filter.

I've been using filters off eBay for years on my Beta engine/genset with no ill effects.

Message the sellers and ask about the NRV if its a concern.

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I always use genuine Kubota HH160-32093 in mine. Many Kubota dealers around including one at the rear of Lyons Boatyard if you are in that area. 


I also have a Crossland reference if LF3536.


My gennie is an Onan but same engine. Fuel filter doesn't seem to fit anything else and costs an arm and leg.

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