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Fibreline narrow Boats

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2 minutes ago, Fibreline JCM said:

I don't know. I have seen a photo of one with a join in the cabin side by one of the side doors. None were made with a join, the various lengths were made in mould.

That is probably the one I am thinking of. it looked like a bad cock up job.

Just now, TheBiscuits said:

This one might be for sale ...  Some work needed, but if you built her in the first place you should be able to do it!




Salwick on the Lancaster Canal.

Sad, no boat deserves to end like that.  Would the hull be strong enough to add a cabin, maybe in timber or Buffalo board?

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There is usually one on the K&A, often on the central "long pound" section.  Have seen another one too but can't remember where...but could well be the Bridgewarter one.



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On 05/10/2020 at 16:19, Fibreline JCM said:

I am looking for a Fibreline GRP boat. for purchase, the original 45ft would be the preference

I am surprised that there are not more about.Fibreglass has a big advantage over steel in that there is no corrosion and lasts indefinately.No expensive overplating!

Plenty of fibreglass cruisers about,but few "traditional" style narrowboats.

If you still have the moulds,are you still able to build your own?

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