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40 minutes ago, RichLech said:

I have asked about shopping in Kidderminster on another post. Sounds as though it might be better to go straight through to Stourport. Are there any supermarkets close to the canal as you enter Stourport?



There’s a Lidl right by the towpath as you come into the town. With regard to kiddie the Sainsbury’s is ok if you leave someone on board or probably if you did it early as for some reason scrotes don’t tend to be early risers...but just be wary. 

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There’s a ginormous Tesco close to the canal. Head away from the canal on the road that curves at 90 degrees behind Limekiln Chandlers (as viewed from the basin) and turn left 100m further on at the end. You’ll see it from there. Not as close as either Tesco or Sainsbury’s in Kidderminster but not very far. Close enough to be able to sensibly carry a couple of bags of shopping back to either the basin or York Street visitor moorings. It’s pretty much equidistant from either.


Being objective you shouldn’t have any problem with a stop for shopping in Kidderminster. Many boats moor in Kidderminster every day and overnight.



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