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Water Leak !! Bugger.......


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4 minutes ago, tree monkey said:

I've often wondered how effective this would be.

I imagine not very ;)

Oh I dunno, I think it would be highly effective. Whether or not it would be value for money however... ;)

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Ok - maybe I'm panicking too much !


It's a 6mm base plate and 10 years old.


Front deck does not drain into the bilge.


I'll concentrate on getting it dry and watching for more water. If I get it dry enough might just spray some Dinitrol down there.

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Well what an interesting (sh*t) year it's been.


Thought I'd add a bit more to this thread.


I sponged all the remains water out, stuck a fan under the floor for a long time and got in bone dry.


On the occasional allowed visit last year and after some heavy spells of rain no water or signs of dampness at all. Think I can safely rule out any leaks from Windows/doors/hull.


So what now ? Thinking that whilst my water tank is virtually empty do I get the rest out. Shall I use some sealant and seal all the joins as a precaution ?


Otherwise I can just see myself refilling the tank and see if it leaks, if it does I've got a wet boat again, have to drain things out, dry things out.


Shall I just seal it up as a precaution ?

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