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Shropshire Union Fly-Boats.. how long to get from Ellesmere Port to Birmingham?

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All the detail you could possibly want, timings, cargoes, stopping places is kn the book "Shropshire Union Fly Boats"  by Jack Roberts.

HNBOC  supplied my copy,  I think Audlem  Mill Canal book shop also do it.


My copy  is being decorated round, so I cannot look up your questions, but I think 3 days from Ellesmere Port to Cambrian Wharf.  It was not an average time.  The fly boats ran to a timetable and the boatmen were off the job if they did not stick to it.



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I would also concur that 3 days might be a good estimate, working day & night and calling at strategic depots including Wolverhampton (Broad Street). They had a chain of stables along the canal so that horses could be changed along the route. The surviving Bunbury stables are an example of that service. Tom Foxon has advised me that the two-story stables at Broad Street were destroyed by fire.  

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Page 17, of book mentioned above. Thought it was gonna take awhile to find page but the book more or less fell open at the info. 
If my maths is correct 32 hrs one way. 
128 travelling hours for two return journeys. 


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