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Lino / Vinyl flooring

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5 hours ago, blackrose said:


That's good to know, thanks.


I just talked to a neighbour who's been a painter and decorator for about 25 years and he told me that he knows a couple of floorers who do lay Karndean directly over thin ply and celotex, so perhaps it's not such a crazy idea after all. 

I would

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On 27/06/2020 at 21:26, blackrose said:


Concussion? You mean compression? What's the insulation designed to go under floors?


I've stood on celotex before and its compression strength is greater than one might think, especially if there's something spreading the load above. Sir Percy's point is a fair one - it's about the edges.



I meant the impact of feet and heavy furniture, as when one walks on a thin layer of frozen snow on top of a thicker layer of soft snow.  The ply will prevent this problem.

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Just now, LadyG said:

I assume it was a joke, obviously now I have A d Echochamber on ignore, I can't possibly comment!

There was a spammer flooding the boards, one of his / her posts appeared directly after a post of yours.


When I reported it, it was removed and left my "Reported" post looking as if it referred to your post.


Following your typical knee-jerk reaction, please feel free to continue the 'ignore' as it will be your loss, not mine.

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Just now, Steve Manc said:

Anyone laid Karndean flooring on top of vinyl ?


No. But its not recommended. It needs a good solid firm level base to get the best adhesion.


On our boat it was laid dircetly on the wood floor and it proved long lasting and durable. We have it at home too, laid on a solid floor. It remains perfect after three and a half years.

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10 minutes ago, Steve Manc said:

Anyone laid Karndean flooring on top of vinyl ?

no, i removed the vinyl planks that were stuck down, scraped off glue and sanded down floor. Removed dust and laid Karndean Looselay Vinyl planks.

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