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The big project that HAD holes

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Hi all. I posted here back in January with a rather big project. Didn't get started working on it until late March and have been chipping away at it between work. 

It did have 2 holes in the bottom, quite large actually. We've have these sections cut out and replaced, not just a bit of metal plopped over it. We are having final bits of welding done to it this week so we can get everything on the Hull ground down and painted. 


Anyway, for anyone that remembers it is in fact a wood top boat. Everything apart from the welding is self done (I got a marine welder in for below water line) and every bit of the top has been replaced. It has regular double glazed units (glass is there ready to be fitted and large front window with emergency Hatch arriving tomorrow) along with Upvc cladding on the exterior. 

To seal the wood top we have very thick liquid rubber between the Hull and the wood. The roof overhang will also help keep the nasty water away. 


Roof overhang you ask? Yes. 

But I will be putting on a rather wide rub rail along the edge. That will also protect the corner and keep everything damage proof and stop that roof catching on anything, not that this will really be leaving its residential mooring spot. 


Here's where it's at so far anyway, from how we got it to how it is now









More pictures which are from today 




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