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Peter Thornton

Health and Social Care

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Hi everyone

I'm closely involved in Health and Social Care issues at Cumbria County Council and have recently been appointer to the CRT Council. (But haven't been to a meeting yet due to the lockdown)


I'm wondering how you are all managing at the moment?


I had a call this morning with Matthew Symonds CRT Boating Manager who is working on all the issues we have here in Cumbria, but across a much greater area.


There are about 150 of you in the "Shielded" group. This is the group who would be severely challenged by Covid-19. Mainly with respiratory issues and also compromised immunity. If you are in this group you should already be aware and you should have been offered various extra help including food parcels. 

There is then a "Vulnerable" group consisting of those who need extra help but who are not automatically on any list. CRT are supporting this group in various ways.


Matthew said that there is a concern around some of the private boatyards closing for the duration and this meaning a lack of facilities. CRT are trying to address this where possible.


I'm sure you already know, but the number to ring if you need help is 0303 0404040.


Just as with Cumbria, the main issues are currently being caused by the response rather than the Virus itself. Hopefully it doesn't get into the canal community in any serious amount.


I'm a share boater so currently looking at the possibility of a whole season off the waterways. Hopefully not!


Best wishes to you all, and stay safe.


Peter Thornton

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