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Tonic required. Send in your photos of what is nice on the waterways now.


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On 09/08/2021 at 22:40, PD1964 said:

Because of the fencing the lock can only be accessed from the lock ladders in the lock off the boat, as no route through the fencing around the lock, from what I hear from the boats passing through today.

 In that case just be sure that you don't need attendance by firemen/doctors or other outside assistance there.



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1 hour ago, Tam & Di said:

 In that case just be sure that you don't need attendance by firemen/doctors or other outside assistance there.



The problem that passing boats are having is there is only one paddle available on both sets of gates, so very slow to level out and open, also heavy gates. Some boats have even rang CaRT for assistance thinking they were damaged. I asked CaRT why don’t they unlock the other paddles to speed water flow, the answer I got back was they don’t know where the keys are to remove the padlocks😂

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The Marne - Rhine Canal recalled. Despite a reputation for fine food in Alsace, we did not draw lucky at the place pictured (Lutzelbourg, I think). Having looked at the menu the conversation ran something like "Is Horse the only thing you've got?" to be countered with great aplomb  "It's the speciality of the house, Sir."  With nowhere else to go we did, indeed tuck in.Putting animal prejudices aside, I have to confess I enjoyed it, though I have never eaten any since..




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5 hours ago, PeterScott said:

On this day in 1984




River Hull and the River Hull Tidal Barrier  Compare 16Jun2018  2Nov2019

Interesting photo, Peter. Here is another view taken from the Tidal Barrier showing the same ship in Central Dry Dock around the same time. It is Salvageman, newly returned from the Falklands after the conflict before returning South to salvage and then scuttle the Argentine submarine Santa Fe. The second picture shows her and the tug Yorkshireman in South Georgia with HMS Endurance in the background. I was operations manager of United Towing Ocean Tugs in those days. Eventful times.





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On this day in 2010









Braunston Turn Northern Oxford / GU







11Aug2005 14Nov2005 16Nov2005 17Dec2005 

7Nov2008 8Nov2008 





28Jun2019  30Jun2019



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