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Tonic required. Send in your photos of what is nice on the waterways now.


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This the basin at Clamecy on the Nivernais, and just about as busy as it gets.


The mayor here saw the possibilities of the canal  long before others did, providing  facilities such as a shower, re-excavating also the branch to the left .The three boats in the foreground are run by a group providing vacations for underprivileged schoolchildren


The lock here opened in 1900, the canal previously continuing right through the town, culminating in the harbour shown in the second photo.


Concealed at the downstream entrance to the lock is a monument to Jean Rouvet, 16th Century originator (possibly) of the system of flottage, whereby logs were floated down to Paris. Mischievous rumour has  it that, following the realisation that no-one knew what Rouvet looked like, and there was a spare bust of Napoleon in the town library, they put that on a plinth instead.


Liley 2jpg 2.jpg


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On 12/06/2021 at 19:45, Dav and Pen said:

A French lunch time in Menetreol-sous-Sancerre today 2009. The cafe is just across the road from the moorings and we stayed 3 days because the lunches were so good. We also brought our Sancerre from a local grower after having tasted it in the family kitchen. 


I rather think that we moored there, and had dinner at that restaurant, during our last (2019) hire-boat holiday. I have a memory of some sort of distinctive themed interior decor: old signs or posters perhaps.

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Today in 2009 Nice mooring in Belleville opposite the cooling towers for the nuclear power station. All power and water was free and the tourist lady said that when they built the power station the town was given free electricity.


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46 minutes ago, PeterScott said:

On this day in 2015

spacer.pngSileby Mill


River Soar in sprightly mood


GU Leicester Line









Peter - nice to see a picture of our boat and its sign writing.

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3 hours ago, PeterScott said:

On this day in 2008







spacer.pngspacer.pngGloucester Docks




















Spent a few days after the Jubilee Pageant boating with Gort up the GU. A lovely old-fashioned conversion of a wooden boat, lovingly cared for by a great chap, Innis. We pulled him out of the canal at one point when he fell in, and then Jacqui spotted the brass windlass he had been carrying at the time on the bottom, and we managed to retrieve that for him. Shared a few pints in a couple of pubs too.

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On this day in 2008















River Severn Sharpness - towards the sea and the Severn crossings; across the estuary to a train; and looking upriver.

M'be they're contemplating taking a narrowboat down to Bristol ... Compare 12Aug2018  13Aug2018

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