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Tonic required. Send in your photos of what is nice on the waterways now.


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A friend, John Stothert, who had previously run the boatyard at Norbury on the Shropshire Union, was refitting his yacht at Oundle on the Nene. When finished, he hitched a tow from what was known as The Stone Barge, to drag him through the water and mud of the tidal section (in which with such a deep-keeled vessel might otherwise have taken weeks,) to the sanctuaryof Sutton Bridge on the fringes of The Wash.



In one of these pictures we are still, somehow, soldiering on while waiting for the incoming tide to arrive.


I believe The Stone Barge later acquired a name and was involved in the grain traffic between Tilbury and the River Wey. John himself eventually sailed to the West Indies, and back




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1995, and the 100th Birthday of the Dorfprozelten Schifferverein (Boatmen's Association), attended by many from other boating communities from around Germany, all with their flags, which are shown in the refreshment tent after the march through the village, accompanied by several brass bands. The first such association was, I think, established on the Mosel in the 13th century.

Dorfprozelten 588.jpg

Dorfp 1.jpg

Dorfprozelten 217.jpg

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On this day...


bless 'em. Coots are very good parents until their offspring are adolescent, then if the offspring stick around the parents will peck them to death. I think we yumans could be more coot (c:



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18 hours ago, PeterScott said:

On trhis day in 2017

and on this day in 1987




Black Country Museum  Compare 28Mar1999  26Dec2007  29Aug2008   2Jun2017 5Jul2018   


Back around 1978, when I worked for Dorothea Restoration, this bridge was one of the jobs I worked on. This is it before it was moved, photo by Roger Lorenz.

Tipton, lift bridge 202.jpg

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