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Tonic required. Send in your photos of what is nice on the waterways now.


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3 hours ago, PeterScott said:

P&E Christmas Greetings






Please click here

for your personalised greeting ?


Here's to Something Better in 2021

Peter and @ElaineMary



The mention of "Crosspool" rings a bell, if you get my drift. It was the destination of a 'bus (route 55?) which I used to catch to school.

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spacer.pngOn Christmas Day 2003


and ringing a Quarter Peal Bancroft Basin Stratford Canal


under a watchful eye:














and another watchful eye on the river. Maybe not a bellringing fan.





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2 hours ago, PeterScott said:

spacer.pngChristmas Day 2008



River Bollin Aqueduct



1 hour ago, David Mack said:

Showing the reconstructed wing wall, site of the 1971 breach, that nearly closed the Bridgewater Canal for good.

PC250873.JPG.e9cb4ceef14044c17d7c248f6d3279fa.JPGBreached 2 August 1971 repaired and reopened 24 September 1973 at a cost of £190,000 to the Manchester Ship Canal Co (then still in public ownership). IWA had a National Rally at Lymm August 1972 to draw attention to the continued closure. Breach eventually 200 feet wide and 20,000 cubic yards of material deposited in the river.


During the closure, I had a polite letter from MSCCo about using the Manchester Ship Canal instead of the Bridgewater: lots of boaters wrote in similar terms as part of the campaign for repair.

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clearer version of pic
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44 minutes ago, PeterScott said:

On Christmas Day 1996



Hawkesbury Junction Compare  #2135 (1953) #1651 (1989) #4021 (1996) #424 (2002) #2388 (2015) #2903 (2016) #2698 (2020) also #2905




More Christmas Day pictures

Apologies tothose who may have seen this already, but a bit of whimsy to cheer the rest of Christmas along. Sorry to see it goes on so long - It was just the first episode I thought I was posting)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QM3RBE9Wv9Y


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