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What is this textured paper-y stuff in my bilge?


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@davem399 and @Tacet. Are right I think - looks like stuff being sold a 'breathable membrane' for roofs.


Edited to add: it does seem to come in both blue and black like I have (and other colours). Think the plan will be... 

* definitely cut out any wet bits which seem to be against the hull under shower overflow

* have a proper look at how much air there is between membrane and hull by removing some boards in bow cabin once vynil is up

* panic when I find there is little/none 

* remove it from bow cabin and as far under next cabin as can reach from there 

* put ballast back on top of cut lengths of cable? 


* definitely go ahead with extra inspection hatches/wine cellars and remove anything I can reach under those? 


I (nicely asked someone else to)  butcher(ed) one of my shore power cables to make a short one for when were moored close to bollard so have loads of mucky cable with no ends or home. 


Sounds sensible / overkill / under kill? 


Boat is 2005 (although RCD later so not sure how long has been in water) and 2019 hull survey said thicknesses of baseplate were within tolerances for 10mm.



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Chemtex seems to make a whole range of spill-related stuff... I take it @angelasoldman you meant that I might want some to dry things out rather than that something in their (extensive) range was what I had?

My suspicion is that it may be just as trappy of water if it does get under (some Chemtex things seem to be adhesive to floor but would imagine that will eventually fail a bit with ballast on top) if used there as a replacement under-ballast lining but it might be handier than cat gravel for drying it out on a temporary basis?

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