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JP2 heads won't lift


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1 minute ago, martyn 1 said:

Well from the pictures I would be putting that piston and associated head in the scrap bin.


Don't forget when you get it sorted and put the heads back on to check the piston to head clearance. All of the indian made head gaskets I have seen to date are to thick and wont allow the clearance to be set correctly. It will run but wont be as clean as it can be. Hence we don't buy the Indian gaskets, we make our own to the OEM thickness.


We have used heads as well hear




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21 hours ago, Andy_B said:

yeah, saw that - image looks like it has valves but as you say it's silly money!

The other head is better but not perfect and seems to have been welded. 

Oh dear!


Richard - who's done inserts for you - I am inclined to agree with BWM that it's a bit far gone but I'd like a machine shop to look at it first!


Give us a ring, there's a link in my signature



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Just out of intrest jp parts are quite cheap! Why not just throw in new pistons with ring and new liners? I know it makes it a bigger job but gives you peice of mind,


I know ebay there are some genuine and non genuine ones about


Was it you that bought the engine off ebay?

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