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Mppt control settings


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I have 960w solar connected to a victron mppt 150/85 and I am going to fit 6 x trojan t105 batteries in series / parallel. The settings on the mppt via bluetooth are in the pictures below.


Question 1

What do the float, absorption and equalization need to be set at for these batteries.


Question 2

What battery do I choose on the battery presets as that is all the options I have


Question 3

What do I do with the Algorithm setting Thank you.





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So Victron assume their customers will not use open cell flooded batteries then.:)


I think the data looks as if it will do for the Trojans but you could afford to raise the absorption voltage by 0.2 volts at the expense of more frequent checking and topping up. I would also let it do automatic equalisation because some report Trojans benefit from more frequent equalisation.

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2 minutes ago, lesrollins said:

Thank you I might email victron and ask there advice on battery choice as there doesn't seem to be an option for trojan lead acid batteries 

Before you do check the plate materials Trojan use I THINK it may well be lead-antinomy rather than lead-calcium and if so it should make a difference to the acceptance voltage. Lead-calcium gassing at a higher voltage so can accept a higher absorption voltage.


As long as the absorption voltage is above about 13.8 volts the batteries will charge - EVENTUALLY and that eventually may mean days. The trick is to get the absorption voltage high enough to give a fast charge without damaging the plates or gassing so much you need to top up every few days. Typically that would be around 14.7 to 14.8 for lead-calcium and around 14.4 to 14.5 for lead-antinomy. All that is unless the battery manufacturer says something different.

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T105 is happy with up to 14.82V Absorption in a 12V configuration:



As Nick has pointed out before however, there is more than one datasheet kicking around for the T105. This one suggests 14.7V maximum:



Although I’d prefer to believe the datasheet hosted on Trojan’s site myself. 

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Tony Brookes and WotEver


Thanks guys for the infomation please see the attached email I received from trojan. I'm still waiting for a reply from the victron agent telling me how to change the battery settings on the mppt.

80 % is a big discharge 

The figures I sent were

Bulk 14.82

Float 13.50

Equalization 16.20


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1 hour ago, lesrollins said:

please see the attached email I received from trojan

I’m pleased to see that they agree with their own datasheet. Perhaps someone ought to tell Wind & Sun that their datasheet is out of date/incorrect. 

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