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10 minutes ago, Gerry underwood said:

What are the black and white rules on getting rid of human waste. I was talking to a guy that has a macerator toilet and he reckons it goes through the macerator and then out of the boat. 

What waterway was this on & location?

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10 minutes ago, Stilllearning said:

It can on a river, not on a canal.


Eh no it can't. It can on certain tidal areas but generally that depends on where you are in relation to open sea water and or built up area. 



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13 minutes ago, rusty69 said:

Think you can on the Nene and Great Ouse. 

According to the RYA there is no set law for small pleasure craft But they strongly recommend that you should be at least 3 miles out to sea before discharging the black water contents and if the EA catch you doing it in a river they usually come down like a ton of bricks so how do you find out if those specific rivers allow it?

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7 minutes ago, Tumshie said:

There is no mention of it being ok to discharge black water but I wonder if it might be considered acceptable because they are strongly tidal?




The Nene and Gt Ouse are only tidal in parts, mainly just down from the dog in the doublet lock (Nene) and Denver Sluice on the Gt Ouse. There is also a tidal stretches on the Gt Ouse at Earith. 


Although it may be legally acceptable, I am not sure how morally acceptable it is to discharge your bog into the River. (particularly if it is a cassette bog:)

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how can any authority allow it when the recent survey shows that most of our rivers are polluted beyond EU guidelines?


frankly I have no sympathy for any boating person who is looking for approval to do it.   


even parts of some tidal rivers are not suitable......................  remember Bazelgette's 'Big Stink' ......................  in the tidal Thames ?


why should boats be exempt from good environmental practice?

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Finally, I got confirmation that boats could empty their sea toilets on not just the Great Ouse, and the Medway, but on the tributaries of the Great Ouse and the river Nene as well. The answer to my suggestion of emptying my cassette over the side was circumspect. ‘The regulations don’t specify what sort of toilet is permissible, However, if a boater is discharging materials/chemicals that could potentially cause pollution and kill fish it would be an offence against the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975, Section 4(1).’


That’s not much of a relief for the parents of those kids splashing around in the water. What it amounts to is that cruisers can discharge sewerage into the river that could harm children – it’s only if it contains chemicals that kill fish that the boats are breaking the law.


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3 minutes ago, Clodi said:

I've grown up on, in & around the upper-reaches of the Great Ouse and leisure cruisers have always had 'Sea-toilets' that simply pump directly overboard.

Hope you kept your mouth closed. I always did when swimming in the Gt Ouse. 

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