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Cheshire boats is S Jackson And Sons

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24 minutes ago, S Jackson and Sons BB Ltd said:

Hi there

Hi there and welcome to the forum but just a little heads up you might get some flack for the fact that your first post on the forum is nothing short of direct advertising. While you are a business that is relevant to this forum and while there are other narrowboat businesses on the forum the general rule of thumb is that you don't advertise willy nilly. 





  • Commercial advertising is strictly not permitted anywhere on CWDF unless prior approval has been obtained by the Site Management
  • Posts with reference to commercial products and/or services are permitted where relevant and in context
  • Member signatures may contain a single link to a personal (non-commercial) website
  • Private for sale adverts are permitted but must be posted within the dedicated sections provided and are subject to moderator approval
  • Members are permitted to place relevant links to both commercial and personal websites within the Links Directory 



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1 minute ago, S Jackson and Sons BB Ltd said:

That would have been Dp Bridgeman boats, he no longer builds boats


Did you work for DP Bridgeman Boats before starting your own business two years ago, by any slim chance?


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5 minutes ago, S Jackson and Sons BB Ltd said:

I used to work for Narrowboats of Staffordshire many years ago which Dave And Nigel were directors 


I note you swerved my question! But I imagine that was because you are unconnected with the cowboys Johny is dissatisfied with. 


Anyway welcome to the forum. We haven't had a real live shell builder here for a long time now ;)




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There's a great love on the forum of trying to work out the different branches of the Narrowboat building family tree, many a thread has gone slightly off topic while people argued tried to work out who built what and who worked with/for who at which times so there may be a lot of these types of questions - we are a very nosey lot. :D



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Spell checker is just plain mean :(
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Oh, if you were not working at Bridgemans when my hull was built, (but it sounded like you might have been) I can only clear you of any blame.

It's a funny story - most of the boat is as straight as a die but it looks like the yts kid (or whatever they have now) finished off the handrails, stern doors and lockers!

I did contact both Lymm and Bridgemans but never got any reply - just saying like.


In a way it set the tone for my whole boating experience - some good, some not so good.

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12 minutes ago, Johny London said:

Non of this thread makes any sense now the op has edited the original post!

Poor OP has edited the post twice now the first time for advertising reasons and the second in response to you asking if he was the cowboy who built your boat in 2015/2016, he possibly wouldn't have felt the need to edit the post a second time if you had found out who he was and whether or not he built your boat before you started throwing round the shoddy workmanship accusations - you may not have meant it so sound accusatory, and in post number 11 you say it's a funny story but yes, the opening with "are you the cowboy" thing probbly exactly why he felt the need to edit the first post. And in all fairness it only really makes your posts make no sense. :)



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3 minutes ago, Johny London said:

Ok, that's enough. I'm sure nobody wants to listen to your inane babble. I politely ask that we leave this and move on.

But it was such fun... if you ever want to do it again I'm here every Tuesday and Thursday. :D

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