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John Wanford

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Some of you may remember John who did most of the canal network living in a box on a homemade catamaran powered by an electric outboard. Lots of members gave him lots of support and practical help as he was raising money for Macmillan. Well John has just posted this on Facebook and said I could copy it here. He is now talking about doing the Ribble Link.

in 2013 i lost the plot a bit and decided to build a boat and go all around the uk in it ,, i did it in three and a half months , it was one of the best times ever , it was a sea going catamaran heavily modified to be ridiculous , it worked well , after that i got the bug for all things boats so i bought a little fishing boat made an electric outboard for it and covered every inch of the norfolk and suffolk broads with it in three weeks , it was one of the best times ever , i then took it over to france in order to cruise from one end of the canal du midi , that failed but it was one of the best times ever , three years ago i sold my little boat , as soon as i did i regretted it ,, but she was gone ,, a bad day,, now things get a bit strange , for the past week i have been trawling the ads looking for its replacement , ebay , Apollo duck and then gumtree , last night i saw a little boat just like mine ,,,,, i nearly burst into tears , it was my little boat and it was for sale and just up the road from me all that time , a new engine and steering gear had been fitted , new navigation lights and a refurb for the trailer , she had had a makeover ,,, i bought it this morning ,,,, as they say up here in the north " i am chuffing made up " , one of the best days of my life , gonna get it back on the local canals before the end of this summer i hope ,, one problem , i dont have a tow bar ,, oops.


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