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Tam & Di

Braunston Literary Festival

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Di has been asked to take part in a Literary Festival at Braunston Marina on 14th September to talk about her books ‘Barges & Bread’ and 'A Foodie Afloat', alongside far more well known luminaries such as Tim West and Pru, Tom Chaplin and Tony Lewery.

Apparently it was held for the first time last year. It’s in support of the Friends of Raymond ‘Sinking Fund’ and the Bar Convent’s charitable fund, but we’ve no idea what to expect - did anyone go last year?



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Tam and Di


I was involved a little with the similar (but much smaller) event in Braunston Church last December, which attracted about 70 visitors.  This year, the event will be held in a large marquee at the Marina, with the day split into sessions of an hour at most - probably a bit less to allow one audience to leave and another arrive.  The books being discussed are Di's books (at 12.45), Tony Lewery's new book Off the Mainline, Leo McNeir's canal murder novels, Tom Chaplin's recent book Narrow Boats, Great Canal Journeys with Tim and Pru West, and a book that has nothing to do with canals, A Nun's Story by Sister Agatha.  There's also a childrens' session, looking at Dan Clacher's Muddy Waters series.


In each session, there will be a person who talks to the author about their book(s), and this might of course widen up to their life with canals.  In your case, the 'interviewer' will be Cassandra McNeir, wife of Leo, and cookery writer - in Canal Boat magazine, and a few books.


There will be early evening entertainment, with Timothy West and Prunella Scales performing their favourite passages from Shakespeare – with musical accompaniment.


Tim/Braunston Marina are funding all the costs of putting this event on, and visitors will pay £10 per session, with all profits going to the Sinking Fund of Friends of Raymond (except that money from the Sister's session will go to a convent).


My involvement this year is to provide a CanalBookShop sales stall where visitors can buy the books covered in the sessions.  I will contact you direct about this.


Do contact me if I've missed something, and I'll try to help.



Audlem Mill

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