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Pump out vent

Paolo Reale

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It will likely be very near to the pump out tank :)

As its a vent it will also connect to the outside of the boat through some sort of opening, if not it will make the boat very smelly inside :). It might just be on the roof but is most likely on the side of the hull. You should have a number of openings (sink drains etc) and should learn what each of the does and inspect them carefully for water tightness, if the boat ever leans over due to a draining pound they are a potential sinking if not kept in good condition.



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45 minutes ago, Paolo Reale said:

Thanks Dave. When you say inspect the holes for 'water tightness', in practise, what does this mean? Checking internally for leaks?

Hope this makes sense.

Some are brass fittings so these must be nice and tight, some are welded in (the better option) but are a potential rust trap (inside and out) if neglected. The hoses connected to them need to be in good condition and tightly secured. For example, your kitchen sink almost certainly connects to one of the "hull fittings". If the opening should dip below the waterline for some extreme  reason then as long as the hoses are good the canal water just goes into the sink, not the boat.

Some people get very wound up about a new "rule" that openings must be ten inches above the water line, many older boats fail this but as long as the hoses are well maintained its no problem.



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I presume your tank is under the bed. If so, removing the mattress and a board underneath it should give you access to the tank. You should see a 2" approx. pipe coming off near the top of the tank. It will probably go to a charcoal filter and then to the skin fitting to vent outside or possibly to a roof vent.

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