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125 year old boat racing yesterday jul 13th

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2nd to last race winter series, Auckland Harbour.

A class Gaffer Waitangi under racing Genoa Staysail. Top sail and main. about 2300sq ft of sail.

Balmy conditions for mid winter 15deg on the water.

We finished with an outdoor barbecue for the crew after dark,


poling out the headsails


the top end


Every body forward and to leeward in light winds closing on the finish line




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Excellent post, if a bit offbeat for most of the forum.  Is Tony Blake still skippering her?


Also,  I hope the barbeque wasn't onboard a wooden boat!

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Tony graduated to Thelma designed and built in 1897 by Arch  Logan the son of Robert Logan who designed and built Waitangi. Virtually identical rigs but Thelma is a generation of design later, Cut away keel and spoon bow cf Waitangi with a clipper bow, and near full length keel. Thelma escaped NZ in WW2 bound for South America with a pacifist crew but had to put into Tahiti because illness. Authorities there sent the crew back to NZ and Thelma became a US Navy recreational vessel in Hawaii and later passed into private US owners who moved her to the med. Tony Blake found her for sale there and the classic yacht charitable trust shipped her back to Auckland for restoration under Tony's direction. She is a lot faster then Waitangi and Tony is very competitive, he likes to be at the front of the fleet. 

Unfortunately for Tony but great for our classic fleet the even faster 1906 Arch Logan yacht Ariki has returned to the active fleet with a very competitive crew. 

If you are interested the Classic Yacht Charitable Trust of Auckland has a really good website with the details of their boats including the 160?  year old trading boat Daring that was rediscovered largely intact last year, after being wrecked and quickly buried on the West coast just north of Auckland. In an approved, but secret operation it was recovered and is now undergoing conservation in Auckland under the direction of Waitangi's skipper. Program on local Television tonight about her just before a certain cricket game commences. Long night ahead.

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