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5 hours ago, cutandpolished61 said:

How much time do I have to calculate?

Now you know about canal plan... Take as long as you like. Time spent calculating will help no end with achieving a decent plan for the actual journey. :)


And to that end, have a look in the crew section of the site - you may find someone willing to help you.



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I would go via the GU, a few more locks but a lot less miles, especially if you have no river experience. The Thames route also involves a few miles of the tidal river Teddington-Brentford.

Definitely get yourself crew; try to press-gang a friend or relative, or get someone from this forum. I do this sort of thing for fun, but am currently busy with Lingy's boat move until maybe Monday 8th.


With all the daylight at this time of year, two people should be able to do that move in 7-8 days. CRT volunteers won't do many locks for you.

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Meanwhile, I suggest you check your boat is in order then set off down the T&M, Coventry and North Oxford. Nice easy canals, not a lot of locks, and maybe by the time you reach Braunston you can get some crew. If you're slow I might catch up with you and ask to crew for you from Nuneaton onwards. It'd save me having to get a train home to London!

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A couple of other points for the OP:

From Braunston onwards it's all double locks and you would usually be able to share them with another boat, indeed this is encouraged to save water.

Secondly, do you want crew and when do you plan to set off? Whether I can volunteer depends on how Lingy gets on with fixing his boat, currently stuck at Marsden and hoping we might get it into good enough shape to go through Standedge tunnel and continue our journey south.

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