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FBCC rally at Lymm

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F.B.C.C Rally 2019

"Theme: Cops and Robbers"


24th to 27th May 2019. Lymm Cruising Club will be hosting The Federation of Bridgewater Cruising Clubs annual rally.


Although Lymm had problems at first with the licensing, this has now been resolved and the Rally now has a fully functioning licence at third time of trying, which means rally entertainment will be as in the past.  The moorings will be allocated by lottery not on a first come first served basis. The draw has already taken place on the 5th of April so we should be notified soon as to our moorings.

If any further information comes available I will let everyone know via this website.


Update 10 May 2019.
So far 141 boats have applied for moorings this year. Mooring places are to be put in the mail sometime next week (13May19)
If you are out before you receive them, just turn up and ask the mooring officer. Entertainment has been arranged, I will be placing details of acts on the Notice board this coming Monday(13th). If I hear of anything else I will update this page.

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