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Yup, and no longer manufactured. I'm open to suggestions for what and how to replace it. Apparently it can be overcoated with bitumen, but I won't be doing that 'cos it's rubbish. Blasting?  150 year old rivetted iron hull.  Looking at Jotamastic 90 or similar, wondering how thoroughly I'd need to get the  YEARS of coal tar off.

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15 hours ago, Mr Pugs said:

same situation   it would be good to get advice from some one who has painted over tar or bitumen


I tried to paint over very old bitumen in my gas locker - the paint melted the bitumen so it cracked long before it dried and looked a complete mess. Basically don't paint over bitumen with a solvent based paint and this includes ordinary oil based, cellulose etc. I suspect you just might get a water based paint to adhere and not soften the bitumen but I would not bother trying. I also suspect two pack will soften the bitumen but have not tried. Tar is a different thing all together and is likely to be more solvent resistant than bitumen.



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