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CRT meetings with Disabled Boaters 22nd March Leeds

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Disabled boaters experience of boating on our waterways

Friday 22 March 2pm

This is an open meeting to hear from disabled boaters’ and their carer’s on their experience of boating on our waterways. 

The meeting will take place in the Canal & River Trust office, Fearns Wharf, Neptune Street, Leeds LS9 8PB

If you are not able to attend but would like to contribute, we’d still like to hear from you. You can send questions, comments, or suggestions - please do get in touch.

This will be the fourth meeting the Trust has organised with disabled boaters (the first meeting was held in September in the West Midlands, the second was held in November in London and the third was held in Newark in January) – we plan to arrange others in different locations. We also hope to organize an online discussion to engage as many disabled boaters as possible.

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