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  1. Hi a long time since I posted Am looking at buying a new Widebeam to fit out and sell on I see Collingwood have a couple of boats zero rated? What I would like to know is if I bought a zero rated boat, I would have to sign a declaration to say it's my main residence. If I wanted to sell it later on, will this affect the sale, as the new purchaser would be buying a zero rated boat. I would appreciate some knowledge on this, Choice pay £8000 on top of price So that the invoice will show vat paid, or save £8000 and sell it as a live aboard.? I've rang around and it seems that somebuilders are offering zero rated boats 60 x 10 I would appreciate some guildence on the above
  2. Hi all anyone no if the lock is back open now thank you
  3. Hi can anyone help me plz I need to bring my boat pasted the Stoppage at Lock 46, Cow roast Lock I have phoned bw for moor info but they tell me to check the web site. not a lot off help What I won’t to no is If the lock is going to finish on time or lat or before time And how is the ice there Thank Kris
  4. i agree with you col but the water will taste sweet poss the water will not change coloer. you can not replace a coil in a calorifier thay are a sealed unit you will need to replace the calorifier
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