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  1. You might be underestimating how much of a market there is in harvesting and trading email addresses. You've given enough information here for a google search to turn up what looks like your email address (with the provider that you named) in plain text (along with your home address in Norfolk) on a couple of music related websites which could be harvested automatically. Checking that address on haveibeenpwned.com, it also appears to have been disclosed in data breaches of linkedin, last.fm and reverbnation amongst others and included in "master lists" of stolen credentials that have been widely circulated.
  2. I believe there's a one-off payment for Osmand+. There is also a freeware version (Osmand) which is essentially the same but has limited/delayed access to map updates.
  3. peter n

    saving photos

    The Google Photos app seems to be available for iOS so could be used to view the android photos on the iPad. (if using default settings on the android they will automatically back up to cloud and that backup is visible from other devices.)
  4. 4.12 metres beam in 2004 waterway_dimensions_2004.pdf
  5. I must be lucky too. My stop-start Golf is coming up to 8 years old on the original battery.
  6. and available surprisingly cheaply: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Antiquarian-Trees-UK-Janet-Kelman-C-E-Smith-Thomas-Nelson-HB-DJ-1944-1st/273675862489?hash=item3fb85a41d9:g:LJoAAOSwWN5cQGVE:rk:1:pf:1&frcectupt=true
  7. I found that my 35 years were insufficient because for part of the period with some employers I was paying "contracted out" contributions, although I don't think there was any choice about this. The HMRC website also shows a notional amount that should be in my prvate pension because my employer was paying a contribution into that rather than to the state.
  8. I found I was charged for Amazon Music after a free Prime trial. A short phone call to them led to them checking I had never accessed Music and an instant refund.
  9. The NE makes the geographic data available through http://naturalengland-defra.opendata.arcgis.com/ to those who have the software to use it.
  10. Well there is a Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye Bay SSSI. Details (including an NE contact) here: https://designatedsites.naturalengland.org.uk/SiteDetail.aspx?SiteCode=s2000533
  11. Neither do I. I do this in the hope that feedback about the reason for lost sales might affect their behaviour. But obviously not if I'm the only one doing it, which is why I mentioned it.
  12. I agree, except that if they didn't offer me their best price first time I go elsewhere anyway. This often results in a call from them to ask was there anything they could do to retain my business, to which my response has been: "Give me your best quote the first time". My current insurer, to whom I said this some years ago before changing away from them and later back again, has recently been giving me the most competitive quote on renewal.
  13. There's a mobile number and an alternative email address at the foot of this page: http://www.spurstow.com/rogerfuller/pages/root.htm
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