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  1. I must be lucky too. My stop-start Golf is coming up to 8 years old on the original battery.
  2. and available surprisingly cheaply: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Antiquarian-Trees-UK-Janet-Kelman-C-E-Smith-Thomas-Nelson-HB-DJ-1944-1st/273675862489?hash=item3fb85a41d9:g:LJoAAOSwWN5cQGVE:rk:1:pf:1&frcectupt=true
  3. I found that my 35 years were insufficient because for part of the period with some employers I was paying "contracted out" contributions, although I don't think there was any choice about this. The HMRC website also shows a notional amount that should be in my prvate pension because my employer was paying a contribution into that rather than to the state.
  4. I found I was charged for Amazon Music after a free Prime trial. A short phone call to them led to them checking I had never accessed Music and an instant refund.
  5. The NE makes the geographic data available through http://naturalengland-defra.opendata.arcgis.com/ to those who have the software to use it.
  6. Well there is a Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye Bay SSSI. Details (including an NE contact) here: https://designatedsites.naturalengland.org.uk/SiteDetail.aspx?SiteCode=s2000533
  7. Neither do I. I do this in the hope that feedback about the reason for lost sales might affect their behaviour. But obviously not if I'm the only one doing it, which is why I mentioned it.
  8. I agree, except that if they didn't offer me their best price first time I go elsewhere anyway. This often results in a call from them to ask was there anything they could do to retain my business, to which my response has been: "Give me your best quote the first time". My current insurer, to whom I said this some years ago before changing away from them and later back again, has recently been giving me the most competitive quote on renewal.
  9. There's a mobile number and an alternative email address at the foot of this page: http://www.spurstow.com/rogerfuller/pages/root.htm
  10. Surely those have been "personnel access hatches" for years.
  11. One end of the Boathouse mooring has been used as a long term mooring for some time. The remaining length is marked as 4 hours/overnight (if you can find the sign behind the vegetation) but frequently has the same boat on it when I pass.
  12. There was a post to this effect from someone at Sherborne Wharf on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/narrowboatusers/permalink/10159613822235352/ , but it doesn't mention the outcome of the investigation.
  13. Yes, this is allowed free of charge.
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