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  1. Hi, we have a cream coloured Lec 12 volt fridge (Ranger/Inlander)that has a rusting door at the base. does anyone know where I can get a replacement door? I have tried the spares company recommended by Lec but they do not recognise the model number. thanks
  2. Hi All, thanks for your replies and help. At the weekend I tried setting the accumalator pressure but no better. Anyway today I have sorted the problem by (not really sure) I have lowered the accumalator pressure, increasing the pressure on the pump and I also tried adjusting the Square D pressure switch but anyway what ever I have done has sorted the problem. thanks again steve
  3. Hi Ray, thanks for that i have been searching the forum and wondering if i have set the accumalator tank at the wrong pressure and wrongly by not having the taps open when setting the pressure. cheers, Steve
  4. Can anyone offer any advice to this problem? I have an Aquaking Shurflo pump fitted with a new accumalator tank. I have basic mixer taps (no thermostatic control) and the shower has started to pulse on and off unless the hot water is hot enough requiring a small amount of cold water to be added.If I only run the cold water on full the the shower runs OK. It seams to me there is not enough pressure when the cold water is pushing the hot water out of the calorifier. In the future I would like to install a shower cubicle and fit a thermostatic bar shower valve. Any thoughts what to look at ? Cheers
  5. Quick update. Alternator refitted and all charging ok with Adverc cycling as expected. I will monitor this closely to see how long it lasts. The regulator i know was new as i purchased it and i have to assume the rectifier was new when the alternator was refurbed 18 months ago. Is this normal life span? cheers, Steve
  6. Thanks for all the advice. I have had a new rectifier and regulator fitted. Will refit at the weekend and see how things go. Cheers Steve
  7. Thanks Blodger and Tony for your replies i will test the diodes tomorrow and probably have to take the alternator back to the company that replace it 18 months ago. cheers, Steve
  8. Hi, can anyone help with some advice? I have a 70 amp A127 alternator with 4 x 110 amp wet leisure batteries that are only 1 month old. The alternator is only 18 months old and I have an Adverc system fitted. All was ok but I have noticed in the last couple of weeks the green (Adverc warning light) blinking. I have also an ADVERC DCM (volt meter) fitted and this weekend i have seen the charging voltage rise to 15.5 volts! I thought i could be the Adverc but once I disconnected this the voltage went even higher to 16 volts!! Could it be the alternator regulator? I thought the Adverc was designed to prevent overcharging. As usual any advice gratefully received. Forgot to add i have also noticed the charge light is faintly lit as is the green adverc light when not blinking. Thanks, Steve
  9. buggsy


    Hi, I purchased the dry mesh product and I must say it is brilliant all condensation on mattress stopped. We have been away this week and once I put the dry mesh under the mattress no dampness what so ever which we did have before. I would highly recommend this product. Cheers Steve
  10. Hi Colin next door to you is excellent at sign writing but you pay for what you get. If you want a cheaper option I will gig out another number Cheers steve
  11. buggsy


    Hi, has anyone any experience of Dry-mat as supplied by Shipshape bedding as cure to under mattress condensation. I have tried drilling some holes in the boards but under our bed is a holding tank and the water pump so this probably doesn't help the situation. cheers, Steve
  12. I have bought a battery operated, hand held pump from maplins.This was only £10.00 I think and works really well when I transfer diesel from 25 ltr containers to the tank. cheers, Steve
  13. Hi, I am thinking of removing our bath and installing a domestic quadrant shower enclosure. I was hoping for some advice/reassurance that members have installed a gulper shower pump and that this keeps up with discharge of the shower water. cheers Steve
  14. I have had problems with my Shurflo Aquaking water pump losing pressure. So as usual I consulted the forum search engine and tried several options and also replaced the pump with the previous pump, which was replaced due to leaking but still no improvement. After replacing the filter and realising that the incoming flow was very low I investigated further by draining the integral tank and removing the valve and fittings. I found the fittings and valve to be completely blocked with rusty particles almost blocking the flow. These have now been thoroughly cleaned and all is back to normal. So the moral of the story is to always look at the simple things first. cheers Steve I must get around to reblacking the water tank!!
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