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  1. Fireworks ...what a waste of money

    The business generated stops workers becoming homeless.
  2. BCN Challenge 2018

    Just follow NB Clarrie, you'll be OK.
  3. Kids on phones.

    Very friendly You do have to be careful in San Francisco though.
  4. Boeing 737

    Ah, but do they have a Champers gauge. But you can't get a suntan in the cockpit. Radiation sickness though
  5. Kids on phones.

  6. Kids on phones.

    I actually have to correct scripts wot one person writes.
  7. Kids on phones.

    I agree, the girls there are very friendly.
  8. Kids on phones.

    I agree you are allowed to have a mobile 'phone in Cuba, the problem is using it without the proper authority. I didn't know I needed a licence when I tried using one. More dangerous are the taxis. Below is a taxi I made the mistake of using. Please note the right front wheel is missing but I was assured by the driver it was safe provided he kept turning left.
  9. Kids on phones.

    The Cuban government does stop you using mobile 'phones. Below is the information from the link you provided. "The following items are listed as regulated because they need a permit from the Minisitry of Informatics and Communications, so basically you can say they are not allowed:"
  10. Kids on phones.

    Yes I am up to date, your link explains the use of mobile phones, as don't use it. You are allowed to have one though.
  11. Kids on phones.

    Send the kids/children/young adults to Cuba. Try using a mobile 'phone there and see what happens.
  12. Bilateral Worlds.

    I do know what you mean.
  13. Boeing 737

    It's the undercarriage lever on the dashboard. The two white lever things next to me are holding my shopping list, I'm sure they must have another use. One of the most important switches above me calls for an air hostess If you thought boating was expensive, try flying.
  14. Staffs and Worces canal angler

    I pretend to be Swedish and say " You Like Abba Ya" seems to leave them a bit confused.
  15. Boeing 737

    That's why I overshot Bristol Airport runway and burst a tyre. Just got the bill