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  1. Laurie.Booth


    Yep It's a problem I have after working at the BBC :)
  2. Laurie.Booth


    Engine Oil Selection Engines Plus recommends that API CC grade oil is used in all of its marine engines. Alternatively an API CD grade can be used if an API CC grade is unavailable. The correct grade oil is available from your local marine dealer. • 5 litres API CC 10W/40 – EP part no - EP710008 • 25 litres API CC 10W/40 – EP part no - EP710009
  3. If you have never used the marina facilities., how do you know they are not up to the job?
  4. When I was at ITN news studio, on the wall was a notice "Your Bad News is Our Good News"
  5. https://www.boxinghistory.org.uk/Boxer_Stan_Cullis_Bristol.htm Friend of mine. Below, me meeting Stan for the first time
  6. Cheers Cheers Mike I'd love to go back to the old forum settings
  7. Link does not work, but thanks for your help. Any one else able to supply a link to "Unread Items" Cheers
  8. Please give a link to "Read Status" as I can't find it. cheers
  9. I must admit that is a possibility
  10. I think it would be more interesting if the scoring system was kept secret until after the event.
  11. Can we go back to the old thingy. I've lost the "View unread bit"
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