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  1. Laurie.Booth

    Boat builder enquiry

    My Springer "Tug" with a slight V hull.
  2. Laurie.Booth

    Tardebigge Times

    I can
  3. Laurie.Booth

    a reasonable offer.

    I bought a flat that was advertised at £45k for £12K.
  4. Laurie.Booth

    Elderly Drivers

    Born before tests were needed. Same as my dad.
  5. Laurie.Booth

    Elderly Drivers

    Prince Philip has never passed a driving test, he has never taken one.
  6. Laurie.Booth

    Renting a House

    Try a 10% lower figure backed up with logic as to why the landlord needs you.
  7. Laurie.Booth

    My Poverty is Going to be Alleviated!

    A nice £65k I have been sent
  8. Laurie.Booth

    Forum Finances Summary 2018

    Thanks for the information.
  9. Laurie.Booth

    Fazeley Mill

    I hope April/May time, looking forward to seeing you.
  10. Laurie.Booth

    Fazeley Mill

    I'm now booked in at Fazeley
  11. Laurie.Booth

    Fazeley Mill

    Thanks for the information :)
  12. Laurie.Booth

    Buying your first boat - what would you have done differently?

    My 35ft Springer costs £4k a year to run and I'm not a liveaboard.
  13. Laurie.Booth

    Fazeley Mill

    Wow everyone Thanks for the information, seems to be 90% good for us. Takeaways very important, reversing is always a problem for my boat but at the moment at Lady Lane, I'm moored on the arm which is a real pain. Electric hook up will be a fantastic thing for us. The BCN challenge will be a problem Thanks once again, I'll contact the marina. :)
  14. Laurie.Booth

    Fazeley Mill

    Hi, I thinking of moving my boat to Fazeley Mill marina. Anyone from there on this forum or were there with the new management? PM me if you want. :)

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