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  1. We did the Ridgeacre Branch last week, armed only with a Nicholson's and a naive belief that the two winding holes and a pub at the end meant we could get there. After all, their Navigational Note does give warning about not getting to Bradley workshops out of working hours. Wrong!! Within 100 yards of turning in to the branch the prop turned up the infamous jet black muck, not nice to look at. We thought it was old engine oil dumped in the cut from the scrapyard nearby. Now we know better! Before we even got to the first winding hole the water was overgrown with floating islands of weed, all of which were just dying to get around the prop. Not wishing to put any part of myself into the black filth I relied on forward/reverse blasts, but gave up in the end. Unable to turn and with no effective prop, we poled back until we could get Shirl ashore. Bowhauled (sternhauled?) back to the first bit of bank, tied up and had a row over my determination to "colour in every damn bit of the map". Needless to say, no more bits of map colouring happened this holiday.
  2. What about a Harrier? Ark Royal's not using many any more!
  3. While I was at school (millions of years ago), we picked up "Jennet" from Market Harborough. Thought, 'This is easy, I could get the hang of this...' Then we arrived at Foxton. Gulp !! I'm so glad my best mate Chris knew what to do. It was his parents' friends' boat, and we had many delightful holidays from then on (and half a honeymoon too).
  4. This one's on eBay at the moment. It's far too frilly for my tastes, but seems to have all the relevant bits. My link
  5. I saw (and missed) a swivel bracket recently. The idea of being able to swing the lamp out to illuminate the bed space seems good to me. Does anyone know if these are authentic, or am I trying too hard?
  6. Thank you David. I was trimming my search down towards Bracket lamps - which, as you say, are quite rare. As to Aladdin lamps, although they are very elegant, I note your comment on expense. Not trad for poor boatmen. I suppose while I look around for "the" lamp I can keep saving... ps - I've already ordered "Discovering Oil Lamps". It should arrive today.
  7. Erm, there will be some electricity... ...and a toilet. Yes.
  8. It will Not, I repeat NOT, I repeat NOT have a B*w Thr***er. Ever. Have you seen this month's comics... a 35 footer with a bow t**ust** ? WHATTT??? Where are my tablets?
  9. Evelyn Booth, Lockside Antiques - Oh dear, I think I might have to give her a call!
  10. I'm looking at a couple of "vintage" (yeah, right) Aladdin mantle lamps, which look, to me, to be quite "trad" - and cheaper than dealers! I'm wondering just how authentic they really are. What types were found inside Joshers and the like?
  11. I'm currently obsessing myself on eBay looking at oil lamps to go into the back cabin of my (dream) boat. Were there any popular/favourite makes & models of oil lamps that boatmen would use? Were lamps ever issued to boatmen or fitted as standard in cabins? Or have I just bought a ticket to Nostalgiaworld?
  12. And an Engineer's toolkit... a small hammer, a big hammer, and a condom. If it won't fit, hit it. If it still wont fit, hit it harder. If it still don't fit, then...
  13. THREE Kelvins??? I've only met one - in Owl - and went completely weak. Coudn't cope with three.
  14. Barry Hawkins does a good job. Our boat Lincoln is one of his Northwich Trader style boats It is my understanding that Northwich Traders are built by R W Davis & Son at Saul Junction, and that they are amongst the best Northwich replicas I have ever seen, rather than Barry Hawkins boats which I would suggest are slightly more "theatrical" in appearance.
  15. I used the link and it started straight away. I havent got that techy yet One option would be to play it in RealPlayer. You might be able to save it from there
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