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  1. Hi all I have a zf 10m gearbox and checked oil level today but the dip stick doesn't have a max or min mark on it but it does have a circular groove on it about 10mm from bottom of stick and the oil level is about 15mm above this mark .Does that sound right ?I know the recommended amount of atf fluid should be .35litres
  2. Ok Matty thanks for that just needed a bit of reassurance before I went and cut cable thanks for that
  3. Evening all.I just want to know can the cable feeding the easy start timer for the eberspacher be joined ? It's way to short I'd say for most installations.You can buy a 3metre extension but am on a budget here and it's way over priced I did leave in a cable for it to be joined .Has anyone else come across this problem?
  4. Ye I guessed that but it's freshly painted and has a bond so should be ok for the sikaflex
  5. Ok thanks guys I have a tube of sikaflex on boat and will try that 👍
  6. Good evening all I need to stick a few plastic clips to the roof of the boat to hold about a metre of plastic conduit and was wondering what recommendations ye have for sticking clips to roof .Is gorilla glue any good?
  7. robbio c

    Fuel sender

    Thanks for all replies swapped wires around at guage and the same outcome guess I'll have to buy a different guage but I was sure the one I had was European type .thanks again will let us know the outcome when I fit new gauge
  8. robbio c

    Fuel sender

    Ok thanks guys will try that out tomorrow and let you know
  9. robbio c

    Fuel sender

    Which would require fitting to bottom of tank ,doesn't sound right to me
  10. robbio c

    Fuel sender

    First thing I tried same out come unfortunately
  11. robbio c

    Fuel sender

    Evening folks I have this week fitted a new fuel sender in my diesel tank and when I powered it up it is reading backwards .The tank is empty and it's reading full so I took out sender and moved the float manually to full and it reads empty .it's a simple 2 wire sender and yes the sender is matched to guage 0-190 ohms. Any ideas on correcting this much appreciated .this is the sender
  12. robbio c

    Prop change

    You can wind up the whole unit on some of the models there is a spring loaded locking pin that must be open before you can do so .have a look and see if there is a cog wheel inside the boat where unit exits transom
  13. robbio c

    Prop change

    Hi is the leg a swivel type? if so no problem
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