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  1. Grand have just fitted it about 1/2 metre away from boiler on return line thanks BEngo
  2. Good morning all.I am currently fitting eberspacher in engine bay and have a question on water pump.I know it is not self priming and must have a constant supply of coolant but can the pump be fitted on either flow or return pipes ?
  3. Thanks phoenix Alan has sent me the manual 👍
  4. Thanks for your reply guys it is a simple system with one steering position pushing one rudder with a distance of about 4 metres
  5. Evening alll hope ye are all keeping safe .I will be fitting hydraulic steering on my boat shortly and was wondering is it necessary to fit a small oil header tank .It's a vetus hydraulic steering pump and it does have 3 connections on it .
  6. Thanks flyboy ,with the the system running ?
  7. Evening all I'm currently plumbing the exact system as Greenhorn is and was wondering what's the easiest way for filling the system through the header tank .?
  8. I have a twin coil calorifier but I'm not connecting the engine circuit to it yet at the moment I'm dealing with the eberspacher central heating .engine connections will be at a later date
  9. I'll be using two pipe system.So I should be ok going to towel rail first and putting a valve on it so I can restrict the flow to it and then on to the calorifier
  10. Thanks for reply I'm using an eberspacher and rail, calorifier and heater are all within 2metres of each other for convience for pipe work it is easier to tap into rail first
  11. Good morning to all .Just wondering is the calorifier the first port of call on the heating cicuit or can you put a rad or towel rail before the calorifier connections?
  12. robbio c

    robbio c

  13. Ok thanks for the replies guys answers my question 👍
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