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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Great thanks guys so basically i just need to to send that bypass hose through coil in caulliflower?Is that correct ?As Tracey said i have a horizontel cauliflower so does it matter which end to which . thanks Alan ye connection to starter battery need to be improved I know as for bit of red heat shrink on negative i ran out of black,bit of black tape will sort it out.Im a sparky and wired it myself hence the short cut ☺️
  3. Hi Tony ye i checked that and temp sender is in first hole as seen in picture.There is another behind it with what looks like another sender for what i dont know so i traced wire from it and it appears to be a negative looped off oil sender ! Any ideas what it might be?
  4. Thanks guys unfortunately i only have chromebook on board but will get to a windows computer in next few days and post pictures .Here is a link of exact engine but this one is raw water cooled so may confuse things.https://www.drinkwaard.com/en/marine-engines/mitsubishi-s4l2/
  5. Good evening to all .I was looking for some advice on where to take the flow and return to cauliflower off the engine.Engine is a Mitsubishi s4l2 and is keel cooled .any help and advice appreciated.I have photos ready to post but they are bigger than 2.9mb.How do others manage to post pictures?
  6. Hi Kevin it should be set to a few psi above the pump cut in pressure.
  7. Hi Rick I installed the c200 last year and have been living on board for last 7 months and am happy with it .Manual flush and manual fill does simplify installation.No plumbing or electric worries .
  8. I picked up my 1750mm high shower enclosure off ebay .There are a few sellers there .Do a search for caravan shower enclosures .
  9. Hi Mark is there air in system ? Have you tried bleeding the rads
  10. Thanks guys for the info alternator is putting out normal voltage so should be fine?
  11. Hi Alan thanks for that I'll download manual today and double check cheers
  12. Hi all I fired up my eberpacher hydronic yesterday for the first time and delighted all working well ,excellent little unit but my question is ,is it safe to run these units when engine is running regarding the voltage given that the alternator will be putting out 14+ voltage ?can they tolerate that voltage
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