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  1. Thanks guys for the info alternator is putting out normal voltage so should be fine๐Ÿ‘
  2. Hi Alan thanks for that I'll download manual today and double check cheers
  3. Hi all I fired up my eberpacher hydronic yesterday for the first time and delighted all working well ,excellent little unit but my question is ,is it safe to run these units when engine is running regarding the voltage given that the alternator will be putting out 14+ voltage ?can they tolerate that voltage
  4. Sorry ye a thermostatic mixing valve.
  5. There is a blending valve on calorifier but I don't have engine connected to second coil yet,I'll be looking for advice from ye with that job next ๐Ÿ˜Š
  6. Should have mentioned it's a new engine with only 60 hrs on clock so can't imagine any sludge or build up yet .
  7. Thanks guys mine is also cooled with two external pipes underneath boat not a skin tank on the side.Rob
  8. Thanks for replies guys ye didn't allow for the few degrees inaccuracy of the electric temp guage .My minds at ease thanks again.Rob
  9. Good morning all .I have a Mitsubishi s4l2 keel cooled engine on my boat .It was installed by a Dutch company and they said it should run at between 80-85c .I've only been out on it a few times and it's running at just under 90c but remaining stable at this temperature .There is plenty of coolant and belt tension for pump is fine and the prop I don't think it is fouled I have no weed hatch so can't visually check but it doesn't deemed restricted .There is no calorifier in the cicuit yet.It does need a blacking and was wondering bottom been dirty might hinder cooling efficiency. Any thoughts appreciated. I've been cruising at 1500rpm .Rob
  10. Hi all I have a zf 10m gearbox and checked oil level today but the dip stick doesn't have a max or min mark on it but it does have a circular groove on it about 10mm from bottom of stick and the oil level is about 15mm above this mark .Does that sound right ?I know the recommended amount of atf fluid should be .35litres
  11. Ok Matty thanks for that just needed a bit of reassurance before I went and cut cable thanks for that
  12. Evening all.I just want to know can the cable feeding the easy start timer for the eberspacher be joined ? It's way to short I'd say for most installations.You can buy a 3metre extension but am on a budget here and it's way over priced I did leave in a cable for it to be joined .Has anyone else come across this problem?
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