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  1. serenility

    Drift gate 2000 Xcell 1500w inverter

    I want to run a couple of electric toothbrush chargers on the boat. I bought a 150w inverter from Maplins as I thought this would be a lot less damaging to my batteries for the length of time it would need to be on. Unfortunately it blew the first charger I connected and I'm fairly sure it was caused by it being modified sine wave. Does anyone know whether the Xcell inverter is pure or modified sine wave,as I don't want to risk blowing another charger to find out. It has a very heavy toroidal transformer in it which I have a vague recollection of being told that this means it is pure sine wave Drift gate are long gone so I can't ask them. Any help gratefully received.
  2. serenility

    A Long Shot! Boat mattress maker?

    Thank you, it hadn't occurred to me that he might still be active!
  3. serenility

    A Long Shot! Boat mattress maker?

    The good ship 'Serenity' is a Pat Buckle ex Ownerships, built 1994. The mattress on the fixed double is still going strong, and we both agree it is one of the most comfortable we have ever slept on. We would like to obtain an exact copy for home. Does anyone know who Mr Buckle would have used to make it? If I can get the answer to this and the company is still in business I shall probably go out and buy a lottery ticket!
  4. serenility

    Generator plate decryption please

    Just found this on a yanmar press release. 1959 Released the world's smallest air-cooled diesel engine A2 and A3 models 2-3 hp. So I guess its only 2HP!
  5. serenility

    Generator plate decryption please

    My converter gives 6.7HP as 4.996189Kw which is within a gnat's wotsit of 5Kw!
  6. serenility

    Generator plate decryption please

    Fraid not. Has anyone seen a genset like this?
  7. serenility

    Generator plate decryption please

    Thank you for all your help. I should have mentioned that the terminals on the side are indeed for battery charging, but also on the second photo you can just see sticking out on the right hand side a button (it's just like the foot dimmer switch on old cars) which when you press it turns the gen into a starter motor. Very Handy! This side photo shows an ammeter with charge and discharge but it seems to be affected by the AC load! I agree that it is probably rated at 1500 kva but this afternoon I plugged a 3KW kettle into it and it boiled it with no drama. Nice carpet Eh! Is 6.7HP too outrageous a figure for the engine, it would equate to 5Kw?
  8. serenility

    Generator plate decryption please

    I have a single cylinder diesel generator with a Yanmar A2 engine which I am assuming makes it quite old. The specification plate attached to the generator has suffered over the years, and only the values are legible as they are stamped in whereas the parameters they represent are now illegible. I can make a reasonable guess at some of the figures, but I wonder if anyone can help with them all. The set was made by a firm in Ipswich but I cannot remember what their name was. A photo of the plate is at: and a photo of the genny is here: Cheers Ian
  9. serenility

    Steam Boat Swallow - What Happened?

    When it was moored in Harefield marina the owner was the publican of a pub in Chipperfield Herts.
  10. serenility

    Adding Miles And Furlongs Using Excell

    Canalplan will do it for you in the journey planner. in preferences just tick 'show cumulative data'
  11. serenility

    Made it home

    From the blurb, it sounds like it is electrically two separate 1Kw inverters which could pose a problem if you want to run one 2Kw load. 'course I may be completely wrong.
  12. serenility

    Pumpout boat Southern Grand Union

    Thanks Bettie will give him a call Ian
  13. There is a pumpout boat I have seen on several occasions around the Marsworth area, does anyone have a phone number for him please as I will soon have need of his services!
  14. serenility

    Blacking bottom plate----OR NOT

    We recently had serenity's sides and bottom grit blasted, metal sprayed and epoxy'd at debdale. I could never see the point of having the bottom plate done,but was persuaded, despite it more than doubling the cost to have it done by this argument: After 20 years in the water there will be pits. the deepest pit which eventually goes right through is the one that sinks the boat. Grit blasting cleans the rust out of all the pits and the metal spraying and epoxy gets right into the pits. Yes, as soon as you run aground, then some of the coatings are worn off exposing the steel to rusting, but not from the old pits. You are therefore virtually starting again in the 'fastest pit to the finish race' Discuss!
  15. serenility

    Which Sections

    Thank You TDH and V&P.

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