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  1. Nothing here as such, although I've removed valuables and taken the rifles for safe keeping for now
  2. I have slight hearing damage too my right ear due to not bothering with ear protection while playing live. As we were blatantly ripping off nine inch nails, ministry and the like..... Does that count as industrial deafness?
  3. No, they haven't for years. Bath narrowboats (self dec), oxfordshire narrowboats BOA (self dec) is it for yards, there is will on the coal boat if your lucky enought to see him too. Luc I think no longer does diesel
  4. Henk, I left my cat behind earlier when we moved!
  5. Celebrate with mars bars and lucozade!
  6. I don't think any journey to trowbridge will be good
  7. Happy birthday you beardy git Happy birthday you beardy git
  8. Sod hornby, Lima were king. Their 37s still hold a high rating for me
  9. As stated I'm working, so I'll be holding the hand of what ever person who's end stage I get sent to. Triple time mind!
  10. Have volunteered to work all Xmas and be on call over night too
  11. Pet hates: Social services and the lack of funding for people's care Shit carers Pretentious triage nurses Pretentious paramedics Pressure sores Toe nails that look like pork scratchings Struggling to find a decent copper Hire boat firms Diesel boats who break promises Shit engineers Flat tyres People who think they can park anywhere because they have a on call sign Retarded drivers who think tail gating is acceptable Piles UTIs People who claim to understand end of life care but have no idea what the Liverpool care pathway is Dementia and associated illnesses Cyclists These micro scooter things Mopeds And so much more, really, it's just unreal but I'll bore you Things I like: Creeping up behind motorists and hitting the 2 tones Hitting the clear button and greening up Taking the piss outta trumpton/mobile drip stands Tricky extractions Making a difference Working nights Driving slowly past a dog walker and barking at there dog Not caring about my grammar Real ale District nurses
  12. Sorry this is totally irresponsible. It's people who carry air weapons as side arms who ruin it for the rest of us who shoot. Not only that, the legal limit for a air pistol is 6 fb, all your going to do is Piss them off if you hit them
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